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from one of the most influential minds of our time.
I grew up in Johannesburg South Africa, where I had a privileged upbringing. My parents loved the theatre. Although my father was an Attorney by profession he acted on the stage part time. I adored the theatre too and as a youngster performed with utter abandonment and pleasure until I was a teenager. I dreamed of becoming a West End and Broadway star. My dreams were vivid and creative.
One of my earliest influences was Nelson Mandela. He worked in my father’s Law Firm and he encouraged me to dream about what I would do when I grew up. My mother was a theatre director and her work influenced me.
There is always an element of luck in any business but my experience has been that luck quite often comes once you have paid your dues. I spent more than 35 years as an actress, singer, director, producer, writer and executive coach. During this time I have had a certain amount of luck but I am ready to accept even more.
My advice for others that have THE Dream – is as Winston Churchill says: “Never give up, never give up, never give up”.
My love and passion for what I do makes me do what I do.
It is difficult to maintain a work-life balance and it is all a question of time management.
I consider myself a driven person . If I am considered a power-house then it is because I relish seeing people reaching their ultimate potential. My strength is my commitment to helping other people grow as well as myself.
I am a ‘culture vulture’. I enjoy movies, theatre, dance, opera, art and traveling. This I do in all my spare moments.
To quote Brian Tracy: “Success comes in cans and not cant’s” that means that as long as you move forward there is a level of success. My definition of peace is never having to be afraid.
When you accept that you are going to be in the public eye you have to be prepared to make compromises. It is tricky when you move on whilst everyone else stays where they are. However, once you acknowledge how your new situation has affected you it should be easier to understand just what compromises are necessary for you to undergo in order to deal with your outcome.
If there is one thing I could change in my past it would be the possibility for me to go to drama school in both London and Cape

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