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 As far as fun and meaning go in my life today, by most standards I've been doing pretty well. After graduating with a degree in accounting I joined the most prestigious of the then "Big Eight" accounting firms. Before long I was "selectively transferred" into their exclusive tax department (that's a doozy of a story you can hear about in my audio recordings!), which led to my acceptance of a "tour of duty" in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. From Riyadh, I traveled extensively around the world, fulfilling a goal with uncanny accuracy, that I had written down less than 2 years earlier; in my travels I visited 17 countries, most in Africa, Asia and the Far East, and I remember being blown away by my surroundings one morning during breakfast at the Regent Hotel in Kowloon, overlooking the island of Hong Kong - realizing how I had visualized the exact same "picture", hardly 24 months earlier, based on a glossy advertisement in a magazine like Architectural Digest.
When the tour in Riyadh was complete I chose to repatriate in Boston where I continued excelling in the firm's international tax department. I stayed there for almost 2 years before deciding it was time to try some new challenges. To be closer to family I moved to Orlando, Florida, and from there I decided to pursue another dream, starting my own company. Only problem was... I had no idea what kind of company I wanted to own, or where to begin.
Within a few months I joined talents with my artistic brother and managerial mother, and we launched from scratch, TUT, Totally Unique T-shirts. One million T- shirts later we decided it was time to reach in new directions. At that point, I recorded my first audio program, "Infinite Possibilities: The Art of Living Your
Dreams," which has been a perennial best-seller since its release in 2001. To date, a quarter million CD sets have been sold and in 2009 Atria/Beyond Words teamed up to release the book edition, which debuted on the New York Times bestseller list. I've now spoken to audiences in 28 countries, on 6 continents, before tens of thousands of people; created "Notes from the Universe," which is sent out 5 days a week to over 500,000 people in 185 countries; been featured in the bestselling book and DVD The Secret; published a total of 8 books, some of which have been released into 25 languages, as well as 4 audio programs, and several DVD's. The number of new "sticks" that are now in the proverbial fire sometimes keep me awake at night, tossing and turning... with excitement.
My understandings have helped as much in other areas of my life from relationships to material possessions, and they continue to grow with their own momentum. I'm still a student, but also my own teacher, and in this journey I've begun to realize that as much as I enjoy thinking and living my thoughts, I enjoy sharing them too... and learning from others... which I expect, is at least part of the reason, that our paths have crossed here and now, you and I.
Thanks for coming by, keep in touch, and tallyho..
Orlando, Florida

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