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 Chereace Richards, a leader in her community and role model to many, lives by a simple, yet complex creed: embrace your passion, whatever it may be, and fulfill it no matter the cost. Never comfortable with achieving just the status quo, Chereace is creating a path guided by faith and focus, and using her success to show others how to reach for, and grasp, all of life's infinite possibilities.
Born and raised in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, Chereace always knew that she wanted to do things differently. Excelling in her studies and extracurricular activities, she grew an interest in the exciting fashion industry and decided to head to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams of being a style insider. Unfortunately, fear held her back from embracing her passion. Chereace played things safe by attending nearby Bowie State University, in Bowie, Md., and majored in computer science, a career path that would bring stability and allow her to live a comfortable life, even if it wasn't what she'd dreamed for. Despite the change in plans, Chereace applied laser-sharp focus and rose quickly up the corporate ladder in her role as a computer science professional. Fully committing
to her decision to forego a career in fashion, she never looked back on what could have been. In less than five years, Chereace went from IT Specialist to Software Sales Engineer, more than quadrupling her salary and putting her in a comfortable, yet complacent place.
This success, however, was abruptly cut short when Chereace was unexpectedly laid off. As a wife and mother, the set back was shocking, but it motivated her to act differently. She re-evaluated her situation, realizing that working for someone else wasn't what she wanted for the rest of her life. Chereace put herself in a better position, professionally, and with prayer and more focus, she rose above the situation and landed a position with the federal government. Understanding the power of education, Chereace also enrolled at American University in Washington, DC, graduating with a Master's in Information Technology Management which made her more credible and marketable within her industry.
With a great career and happy family, Chereace was living the American dream and had no desire to make any changes. God, on the other hand, desired otherwise.
“I wish to leave a legacy of service, love, and genuine concern for the well-being and success of others knowing that when you help enough people have success, you will have success by default. God loves and promotes the servant leader. One of my biggest dreams is to raise my boys to be socially conscious, self-assured, and committed to Christ and living life for Him!”
I admire a number of people for various reasons:
My husband for his charisma, transparency and ability to connect with everybody. Oprah for her success, drive, and commitment to excellence in all that she does. I admire her journey to personal truth.
Beyonce for her work ethic, drive, and commitment to excellence.
First Lady Michelle Obama for her composed demeanor that always exudes her strength, her power, her commitment to family, and her mission to serve.

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