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In 2006 Chereace was introduced to 5LINX, a rapidly growing global telecommunications company. Having no prior direct sales experience, the opportunity filled a void in her life and forced her to challenge herself like never before. The increasing demands of her professional and personal lives put Chereace at a crossroads and forced her to finally decide if she would give her all to this new business opportunity. After hearing a powerful message from her pastor, Chereace left her fulltime, secure position, realized her growing potential and followed her destiny of being her own boss. The decision wasn't easy, but, it was one that she had to stand behind no matter what obstacles stood in the way or sacrifices she'd have to make for herself and her family.
Chereace's success with 5LINX has been constant and rather extraordinary. She and her husband, who also left his full time job as a bus operator, have built a flourishing business that is rewarding on many levels. In just 14 months, they were named Senior Vice Presidents, moving up to Platinum SVP status in just 35 months. The Richards have also consistently ranked #1 as Platinum SVPs and their team has regularly places at the #1 and #2 spots in production, company-wide. She and her business associates motivate each other to fight off complacency and embrace the idea of endless possibilities. Chereace often explains how great it is to be able to "live full- time and work part-time".
Though the journey was long and sometimes difficult, Chereace Richards has finally found her passion. As a Double Platinum Vice President with 5LINX, she travels the world, teaching others how to be successful, but more importantly, empowering them to embrace their own passion and fulfill it, by any means necessary. Chereace is an author of FAITH. FOCUS. ACTION. The Journey to Becoming Who You Are, a book that empowers others, specifically women, to 1. find their passion, 2. use that passion to create and understand their life purpose and 3. use that purpose to order their life steps with FAITH, laser FOCUS, and most importantly, ACTION. She recently launched,
The Reace Richards Collection, her women's fashion jewelry line. Chereace is active in ministry and together with her husband, she gives back to her community through their non-profit organization – The Richards Group Foundation, Inc.
Peace is knowing who I am and whose I am. For me, it’s contentment with who I am, where I am, and what I have. Success for me is what Earl Nightingale says as the progressive realization of a worthy goal. It’s working toward something more, something great, and something larger than me!
“I’m married with two boys age 7 and 12. I believe relationships are failing for a few reasons, 1) people don’t know who they are so their decisions aren’t made from an authentic place, 2) as soon as things get tough people get going – they don't honor their commitments, and 3) finances are a big source of stress in relationships. I believe that when people take time to get clear on who they are and what they want then the choices they make will align with their authentic self.”

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