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your mental stability that what you see does not change you, but instead empowers you to help makes changes as you go. I pray this experience allows you to grow spiritually. I pray that everything good should come your way. If something bad comes your way, use the power within to get over and past it. No uniform or general could ever change the fact that you are my son. I love you dearly. No matter how far away you go, I will always be right here for you! So as I kiss you and send you off with a big hug and tears of joy and some pain in my heart, I say "see you soon", because I don't like goodbyes. Lastly, I am proud of your decisions. Granted, I may not accept it, but I will respect it. I SALUTE YOU!!!
A Soldier’s Prayer
Remembering the day you were born, makes me wonder where the time has gone.
It seems like just the other day a little boy was learning to walk. Now I can't believe you are walking out my house a man. Your choice when you finished high school was not college, but instead you chose to serve and protect your country. I have never been one to stop you from your dreams. If you feel you can be all that you can be, then I hope the Army welcomes you with open arms. As I sit here, I ask how am I to protect you if you are not here with me. The only answer is to protect you through prayer. I pray that as you venture off into world, to see and explore the world that God keeps you safe from harm. I pray for your strength and endurance to conquer your training. I pray for

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