Page 41 - Fall 2013 Issue
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      HMM: What is the one dream for yourself you most look forward to having come true?
WS: To be a multi-Grammy winning artist who writes and performs timeless hits in the largest venues in the world, while incorporating charitable giving into the Wendy Starland brand.
“Maintaining great relationships is crucial to me, so I prioritize it. I am lucky enough to be surrounded by some of the most brilliant, loving, fun and insightful people on earth. They are equally busy accomplishing great feats every day. We make time for each other because love comes first.?”
HMM: What advice do you have for the young ladies (teens to young adult age) who are growing up in today's world with so much influence in music that is not always supportive of their best interests?
WS: I would tell them that although following the latest trend is natural, it may be interesting to find out who were the main influences of their current idols. Many of them were inspired by someone very unique who came before them. They are living in an age where the internet is king and every resource is available. Use these resources to discover something new. Get inspired.
I am very excited to start working on a new record with multi-platinum music producer, Herb Middleton. Herb has worked with everybody from Mary J. Blige to Usher, Will Smith to Al Green, and the list goes on and on. He is astounding. I met Herb through artist Juliette Farrell's manager, Debra Hughes, who offered me the opportunity to cowrite and record a duet with Juliette called Beautiful Pictures. It's a tribute to the legendary voices who have passed away. We really felt that the song had a classic feel and decided we wanted to make a whole album in that vein. I know we will come up with music that is very authentic and personal.

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