Page 43 - Fall 2013 Issue
P. 43

Everything who I am is all about the God in me. My smile! My joy! My love! This look I have is all thanks to Him! He is my Savior from which I have been pulled through my troubles. Before I took Fme to know Him, I did not know how I was going to make it day aHer day. But I have answers now. Although I was unsure, I always remembered to pray.
I no longer quesFon how my next bill will get paid. I no longer wonder what the future holds. I no longer ask why me. No need to do so, because I know He will never ever forsake me. I am able to do enFrely because He does for me uncondiFonally. I love uncondiFonally because He loves me uncondiFonally. I will give my last penny because when my jar is empty, He is always there. When I listen to arFsts sing or hear a
tesFmony, I start to cry. I was once a sinner. Now I work on maintaining my saintly disposiFon...I cannot lie. I was born to my parents, but I am His child; His angel here on earth. Truth be told, He is the true reason for my birth. From young I was sickly and should have been hospitalized, but He kept me safe. I have been threatened by persons with guns on more than one occasion. Threats from one to the head to one to the chest and so forth, but He again kept me safe. I always say “I am not supposed to be here,” and people ask why? I tell my story, when people ask how I have made it this far. These lessons have helped me to appreciate life, and I do that daily. I do not take my many blessings for granted. I give thanks with each waking day. I announce appreciaFon and graFtude with each closing night. How can I not? I see that each situaFon He analyzed and realized that I was needed more here on earth, then to be home with Him. I learned that my giH from God is my talent; and I used my given giH daily. I was taught that if you waiver in faith, you will get only half your blessings. I have grown to understand that giving to Him does not mean I have to be in church every Saturday or Sunday. When I do wrong, I confess my sins and pray. I have seen that you cannot tesFfy unless you clarify, and there can be no tesFmony without a test! I am not perfect nor will I ever be. Yet I am glorified with the blessings of The God In Me!!!

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