Page 44 - Fall 2013 Issue
P. 44

I never dreamed falling in love would take this long or hurt this bad, but God puts people in your life for different reasons, it's up to you to see what that purpose is and for how long. I lost count on the amount of times, I thought "he was the one!"... Well before you stand a woman who is strong, independent, sexy, intelligent and still single.
I can say the last time I fell in love it was the best experience I've had and that was when I fell in love with ME! I took time off to re-evaluate and self-evaluate. I took time to list the pros and cons in my life and saw where my mistakes were and I focused on those weak points and allowed those mistakes not to break me but to strengthen me. Once that was done, I realized that most of the issues weren't my own, but they became my own, because I allowed it.
I then decided it was time to spend time with me. Every day I tell people keep God first and love yourself first! Once you do those two important factors, you soon realize things start falling in place. Know that unless your mind is right, nothing else in your life will be right! After years of falling in love with the wrong people and finally falling in love with the right person (me), that I came to the missing link in that factor. I
was WORTH THE WAIT! I know now how to enjoy myself by myself and that I can do bad by myself. Why allow people to make you worst than when you stand alone? If you supply your own needs and all you ask is for them to help with the simple things and that task is too big for them, then know they are too small for you.
You must find your right fit. You should want your equal; someone who will work with you and not against you; someone who has goals and dreams and is about taking a plant and helping to make it a tree, simply put someone who wants to grow with you.
I want to know the person who stands before me, behind me and beside me can stand the rain! I want to know that I am WORTH THE WAIT!

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