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Unfortunately not everyone can appreciate a rare gem, especially when they are not accustom to having or seeing it. Here you have a woman who was ride to die, held you down, went to the front line of war with you and when the smoke cleared, you chose someone else. While she was doing for you, she was the best thing that God ever created. Once she reached the point of “enough” and stopped being the woman that you didn’t deserve, she wasn’t worth your time, not about nothing and not even fit to raise your kids. When they came to the house for you, she opened her robe and threw herself in front of your stash on the table as a distraction. When they left with you, she traveled with her kids to different states to visit you and once you found that 20%, you left your 80%. Once you realized your 20% was nothing compared to your 80% and wanted to come back to where you forgot was home, and the 80% said “NO MORE”, then you decided well if I can’t have her, then neither can anyone else. You stripped this woman of her stripes, you emptied her soul of love, you tried to take the 2 things she found living for (her kids) and then you want to say “but what did I do?” People must take responsibility for their actions and know that their actions cause a reaction. Even the nicest person has a breaking point. Everyone can love unconditionally especially through the worst of times, but when a person has said “ENOUGH”, there is no more Ms. Nice Girl. No you have to play by the grown up rules. No more puppy love. No more easy streak. Now the tables have turned and you are now on the outside looking in, because you wanted to test the waters not realizing you couldn’t swim. Know that a person should or will say “I LOVE YOU, BUT I LOVE ME MORE!” You will not break everyone. Know that although this woman you left does not hate you, she do not want you. Half way through her healing process, she had an end of ‘Why Did I Get Married’ Jill Scott moment and found someone who sees the beauty that lies within; sees the strength that sometimes does not always show; sees the heart that lives and breathes for her kids; sees the determination of doing better, getting better and being better; sees that what you threw away was actually not trash, but a treasure. So now that this gem has been found and is being loved under new management, now she will SHINE BRIGHT LIKE THE DIAMOND SHE IS!

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