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Singer, Songwriter and M.C., Mahogany Raye, is a rising star on her way to fame. Her music is a fusion of soulful blends influenced
  by Hip-Hop. Each song is a musical journey through Mahogany Raye’s experiences, and is an expression of hope, love and unity.
Born in Charlotte, North Carolina, Mahogany Raye got her musical start at the tender age of twelve. As Mahogany Raye’s
 desires to be in the music industry began to grow, she moved to Atlanta and now resides in California. Her musical inspirations include: Anita Baker, Ella Fitzgerald, Mary J. Blige, and Luther Vandross just to name a few.
Mahogany Raye has introduced her hit debut single, “Gambling Man” which depicts a story of domestic abuse, a taboo subject that Mahogany Raye has cleverly brought to light. The video to the song is receiving rave reviews and is sure to be the song that places Mahogany on the musical map. “No Where To Go” is an inspirational song that gives the feeling of hope and uplifts those who feel lost. Mahogany Raye teamed up with Nick to do a neo-soul collaboration called “Nice & Slow” which blends a melodic beat to soulful vocals. “Cold World” showcases the M.C. side of Mahgany Raye and while being a song everyone can relate to. Mahogany Raye is working on her upcoming debut album and has some major projects in the works.
For bookings or for more information, contact Mahogany Raye’s management at For PR Media information, contact
I am living my dream as we speak by being able to do music. I wouldn't change one thing about my past because it made me the woman that I am today. if I had no tears I wouldn't have anything to write about.
I would love for the world to not be so cold. I would love for people to start loving each other more and helping each other more.
My advice for the young ladies out there is to try to find who you are and where you came from. I think if these young ladies would see that they come from royalty and that they were Queens, they would have a different look on life And demand to be treated better.
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